Sunday, May 13, 2012

16 Weeks...Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day and Mothers-to-be Day

Celebrating my 1st Mother's Day, I woke up to a new body pillow to snuggle with at night (my back is now beginning to hurt when lying on my side) and a delicious breakfast from my wonderful hubby!  Then, I walked outside so this...
a BOB stroller!
I'm super excited!  It had the sweetest note saying the Baby Fusco can't wait for me to take him/her on a run :)

Big brother Harper dressed up for Mother's Day
We spent yesterday at Suwanee Town Center at their "Woofstock".  Harper was super excited and a little out of control...I don't believe he had ever been around so many other dogs. 

We met lots of other Bulldogs

Tom, Harper & Mom

I was also able to spend the day with my mom for a girl's day for Mother's Day.  We were able to talk about nursery ideas, baby names, and what the baby will call her!
Happy Mother's Day Mom

and now for week 16...

How far along? 16 Weeks, 2 Days
Maternity clothes? Still buttoning most of my pants, but shirts...
Stretch marks? No...but I need to look into getting some belly butter
Sleep? sleeping good...still no baby dreams
Miss Anything? deli meats...I could totally go for a huge turkey sandwich
Movement? Not yet...we put a light up to my belly to see if baby would move but no such luck
Food cravings? this Georgia girl is craving cheese grits...yum
Anything making you queasy or sick? red meat
Have you started to show yet? chubby, chubby
Gender prediction? 4 more weeks before we get to find out...gender reveal party!
Belly Button in or out? In...but getting awfully flat
Wedding rings on or off? On
Looking forward to? feeling baby move
Nursery Plans? gray and white stripes
16 Week Appt: 148 bmp for baby's heartbeat, mommy gained 2 more pounds

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  1. That is awesome! You look adorable (yep, get used to people saying that) and Happy Mother's Day!!!